Regenerative Economics 

About the Textbook

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In 2024-2025, we are developing an open-access, online textbook with activities to support teaching of regenerative economics in secondary schools. There will be seven topics in total, supporting courses up to two years long. Topic 1: Introduction to the economy is already online.


1.5 Taking action

Each content section (1.1.1) is designed to be as modular as possible so that teachers can pick up individual sections to complement (or challenge!) their mainstream economics courses. At the same time, the Topic is designed as a coherent unit. Flexible use is a priority.

Each content section (1.1.1) is meant for a 40-50 minute class period, especially if students pre-read the text, about 10 minutes, in a flipped classroom approach. In addition to the main text, there is:

At the end of the Topic, 1.5 Taking Action has ideas for deeper engagement for place- and project-based learning, changemaking, and research.

 There is a feedback button on each page if you would like to offer suggestions. 

If you are interested in piloting, please let us know so we can help and so that we can document impact, which is important for continued funding of the project.